Memories is a project started by artist, Anza Jarschke, focusing on obtaining other’s recollections through outsourcing.

Participants were solicited through Amazon Mechanical Turk (a crowdsourcing internet marketplace) and a Facebook event that was open to the public. Up to 20 calls were available to Amazon Turk users that earned $0.25 per phone call, while the Facebook event solicited volunteer phone calls. The Facebook event expanded through friends inviting others as well as posting the event in various places on the interwebs. Amazon Mechanical Turk filled all 20 allotted calls while the Facebook event ended Sunday, October 28th with nearly 700 people invited.  There were a total of 48 collected memories.

Phone calls were placed to a private GoogleVoice account {530-628-3564} where memories were downloaded into mp3 files and preserved digitally.

Memories {the website} was outsourced to artist and web developer, Logan Lape. Lape developed the format to reflect the strange acquisition of personal memories. There is a sense of chaos from the random people providing arbitrary memories. By storing the different memory clips in one location, a communal memory is formed between complete strangers.